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The Torino Fringe Festival 2023 open call for italian and international Artists and Companies is expired.

11th Edition, 16-28 May 2023

EXPIRE DATE: Monday, 31 October 2022

Are you an artist, a company, a creative, a musician or a performer?
This call to take part in the Torino Fringe Festival 11, that will take place between 16 and the 28 May, is already open. You can send us your proposals for theatre, audiovisual, performance, music, dance, circus, stand-up comedy, or any other performance genius that comes to mind up until 31 October 2022. To apply for this call you must consult the guidelines .PDF, sign up to and complete the form with the dates of your proposed activity.
Guidelines and links can be found below.

Torino Fringe Festival – 11th edition, 16-28 May 2023

Torino Fringe is a multidisciplinary performing arts festival involving the entire region of Piedmont, a national and international showcase and reference point for off-theatre. Created in 2013 in the wake of the great European fringe festivals, it has so far involved over 300 Italian and international companies, with a total of over 2.000 performances in 70 indoor venues in Turin and 35 outdoor venues, and over 100.000 spectators.

The Festival has always worked to improve the enjoyment of culture linked to live shows and to improve the quality of art shows in the performing arts scene, developing a new way of doing culture characterised by a mixture of diverse cultural genres and the languages of contemporary creativity.

The artistic direction of the Festival – made of professional artists and members of the Associazione Torino Fringe since its establishment – defines the programme of the Festival using a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach based on the dialogue between different art forms and the dissemination of live performances.

To support the distribution of the shows, the Fringe in Rete project was launched in 2019: cultural workers and artistic directors from all over Italy attend the performances and shows of the Festival, meet the artists and are committed to finding agreements with the selected companies to circulate their shows. The network aims at promoting opportunities for professional growth and creating occasions to meet, exchange experiences and learn. The Festivalso includes opportunities for debate and discussion for the artists and the audience: the program offers thematic conferences and workshops with experts, as well as professional meetings.

The eleventh edition of the Festival will take place from 16 to 28 May 2023. The shows for the eleventh edition will be selected with this call.


The Festival is open to individual artists or companies of any nationality, who can participate with shows in any language, both new and already staged. All genres of live shows are eligible for participation.
Only professional artists and companies meeting the ex-ENPALS (in any case hired according to current UE legislation) compliance requirements can be accepted.
Each artist/company may submit only one application: in case of multiple applications, all applications will be considered ineligible.
The artistic direction will select the shows among the received applications according to artistic value and technical-logistical criteria.
The show must be performed in compliance with the existing safety and anti-COVID laws and regulations.

The proposed shows must fall into one of the following categories:



Shows with a minimum duration of 45 minutes, available for 6 consecutive encore performances, suitable for indoor venues, belonging to all genres (the online form contains the full list of genres) can apply for the INDOOR category.
At the application stage, it should be indicated whether, at the start date of the Festival, the show is a debut.
The selected shows will be performed for 6 consecutive days – from Tuesday to Sunday (on 16-21 May or 23-28 May 2023) at a time between 19.00 and 23.00 from Tuesday to Saturday, and between 18.00 and 22.00 on Sunday.



For the OUTDOOR category, applications can be submitted for shows or performances (including itinerant ones) that are suitable for open spaces. They can belong to all genres (a complete list of genres can be found in the online form), and artists/companies must be available for 1 to 3 performances during the Festival programme dates.
The objective of the outdoor section/category is to promote street art, street performances and any form of art that is performed in public spaces, and show the impact it has on urban spaces from all perspectives – urban, architectural, social – with an approach that captures every aspect and every form of such art.


It is possible to submit an artistic project that does not belong to the aforementioned categories to be evaluated by the artistic director who reserves the right to contact the artist / company to include the project in the Festival program.


Each company/artist can only enter with one show.
The apply, the following ONLINE FORM available at duly filled out in full by 31 October 2022. All applications received after this date will not be accepted.
At the application stage, the length and reference genre of the show should be indicated, as well as whether, at the start date of the Festival, the show is a debut.
In order to apply, applicants are required to submit the full video of the show through an online platform of choice (such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Videos sent in any other way will not be accepted.
The artistic direction reserves the right to select some debut shows. In the case of a debut, applicants are required to send a video presentation of the company and of the artistic project of the show, using the same channels as indicated above.
The candidature for the Torino Fringe Festival requires a registration fee of โ‚ฌ15.00 for secretarial expenses.
The payment of the registration fee can be made using the payment methods indicated in the registration form.


The artistic direction will select the shows among the received applications according to artistic value and technical-logistical criteria.
From 5 December 2022, the selected companies/artists will be contacted to define the details of their participation and to sign a contract.
Non-selected artists/companies will also be informed of the outcome of the call.
Any communication will be sent to the email address indicated in the form.


The economic terms change according to the type of show.

Companies/artists will receive 70% of the proceeds from their show, net of VAT (10%) and SIAE expenses. The average ticket sale price is 10.00 euro. The festival takes place in unconventional spaces whose average capacity can vary between 50 and 100 seats. The direction reserves the right to apply discounts and conventions to promote the sale of the tickets. Some complimentary tickets are reserved for press, operators and partners.


Since these events/shows are peculiar and they wonโ€™t necessarily forecast a ticket to be sold, the artistic management will agree with each company a fee based on the proposal type and the identified performative space.


Due to the nature of the Festival, it should be noted that the performances must have a simplified technical sheet.
Each artist / company must submit a technical sheet of the show, detailed in all its parts, any request and / or need of a technical and / or scenic nature not present in the card will not be taken into consideration.
Once selected, the company / artist will be assigned an exhibition venue and the technical sheet of the show will be agreed with the technical direction of the festival, based on the nature of the assigned space and the basic technical needs of the show.
It is preferable that the shows are flexible and adaptable to unconventional locations. Each artist / company will have the stage space available for a maximum of 4 hours on the day before the first show for the pre-setting of the show and any rehearsals. During the reruns of the show, the assembly and disassembly times must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes, to facilitate the change of stage between one company and another.
The Torino Fringe Festival guarantees for each location a minimum technical equipment, including an audio system suitable for the space and basic lighting system, as well as the supervision of a technical representative of the Festival. The companies / artists can integrate the technical set-up of the space assigned to them with their own material, while ensuring compliance with safety regulations and in accordance with the technical direction of the Festival.
Each company must have its own technical manager on site, who will follow the installation, dismantling and execution of the show for the entire duration of the encore performances.
On request, the Festival may provide an on-site technician to set-up/execution of the show. The fee for the work of this technician shall be paid by the company/artist.


Travel and food expenses shall be paid by the companies/artists. Torino Fringe can recommend affiliated structures. Including in the case of affiliated structures, the booking and expenses are the responsibility of the companies/artists.
The organization of the Festival reserves the right to propose to companies that will need hospitality the formula OSPITA UN ARTISTA (HOSTS AN ARTIST). So, artists can be hosted for free in the private homes of citizens participating in the project.


Torino Fringe Festival has the right to disseminate information on the event through the television and radio, photos and the Internet. By participating in the call, each applicant authorizes the recording, broadcasting and any form of dissemination of images and audio-visual materials on their show, with no space and/or time limitation and without having the right to claim anything from Torino Fringe Festival or any public or private broadcasters or collaborators.


The Festival and the contractual terms offered to the companies provide for the same promotional coverage by Torino Fringe Festival for all the selected companies and artists. To ensure the success of the event, each selected company and/or artist is required to carry out targeted promotional work through their own communication channels, before and during the event.


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